Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Your Magic Pill Has Arrived --> The 21 Day Fix!

A revolutionary program arrived this February… did you hear about it? I often wonder how Beachbody can continually out-do themselves with new programs time and time again. Well, here we are again… they’ve done it… the 21 Day Fix is HUGE!

The 21 Day Fix was released on February 3rd and broke too many records to name. And let me tell you why… it’s because the nutrition piece has NEVER been easier than with this program. It's a 21 day program that features 30 minute workouts and focuses heavily on nutrition. It's ALL about portion control and you will learn what foods to eat and the plan is super easy to follow. There is NO calorie counting, points, weighing, etc. The set comes with cool little containers that help you understand the correct portions.


Contact me at or message me on Facebook at for details on this program and a chance to get exclusive support from others doing the program.

What does the Nutrition Guide look like?

Taco Tuesday Dinner
This is the EASIEST nutrition plan you will ever see. Absolutely NO foods are off limits because it’s all about having things in MODERATION! You aren't going to be forced to eat foods you don’t like and within reason, you can eat anything. It also allows for Shakeology!

Included in the 21 Day Fix kit are portioned food containers that were created to hold the perfect portions. There is no calorie or points counting or weighing your foods. Everything is planned out using the containers and they are easy to carry with you. You can also pop them in the dishwasher and they are microwave safe.

You can’t fail with the ease of this nutrition program. If you commit fully to the program and take the time to plan ahead with your meals, you WILL see the results you are looking for.

What about cheat meals?

Yes, you can have cheat meals… but don’t overeat! The plan even helps you figure out how you can include pizza in your diet.

What are the workouts like?

The kit comes with 7 workouts (plus a bonus workout if you order through me) and they are all 30 minutes in length. Trainer Autumn Calabrese gets you up and working hard in each of the workouts. You will do cardio, upper and lower body with weights, a mix of cardio-weight training, yoga, and pilates. Also, each workout incorporates a little ab work into the mix. There is a modifier present in every workout too, demonstrating modifications for every move.

Who is the 21 Day Fix for?

Everyone! That is the beauty of this program… whether you are a beginner or advanced, it will work for you.
How much will the 21 Day Fix Cost?

The 21 Day Fix will retail at $58.85 for the base kit, and the Challenge Pack’s regular price is $160. Pretty SWEET deal! That’s like paying $20 for the 21 Day Fix when you buy Shakeology!

Can I become a Coach when I order the Fix?

Absolutely! It’s actually the best time to do it because when you order a challenge pack all your coach initiation fees are waived. Also, it’s a great opportunity to get your friends involved! They can order from you and it will help cover the costs of your OWN kit and you’ll get 25% off future orders you place. If you are interested, email me at so we can discuss training and support that is offered for our team.

Contact me today to reserve your copy of the 21 Day Fix and get that “Magic Pill” you have been searching for!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Day #1 of P90X3... time to bring it AGAIN!

Holy moly... it felt so good to be getting back on track today. It was day 1 of P90X3, Total Synergistics. Thankful for the accountability I have of my challenge groups. They are driving me (along with my dang BEFORE photos... yikes) to stay on track with my eating and getting rid of this holiday weight. As part of my groups, we are also doing a "photo-of-the-day" activity... today is #MyWhy. What is YOUR WHY?

These little ladies are my why, along with my husband. I strive to be a leader, healthy, and fit for them. I want them to see what being healthy is and all about. You can enjoy life by doing things in moderation and getting off the couch and getting active.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday Deals Are Here ... Beachbody Style!

Black Friday (er... Wednesday?!) is here Beachbody style! The deals are LIVE NOW! Discounts are deep, 40% to 65% off your favorite products. These deals won't last, so scoop them up before they go out of stock. 

Go to my site and click on JOIN to sign up for a FREE account if you don't have one already.

These deals are only available WEDNESDAY, NOV. 27 to MONDAY, DEC. 2 and ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Avoiding Diet Pitfalls

Are you sabotaging your diet and not even realizing it? Chances are YES… you are! Sometimes in our minds we are eating FANTASTI
C but not seeing the results we really want. If this is you, here are four things that could be sabotaging your weight loss:

1)      Grazing – Rather scheduling out your meals, you may find yourself grazing all day long. Grabbing things here and there, when it comes across your sight you end up grabbing a bite. How do you fix this? Make a conscious effort to plan ahead and start scheduling times to eat. Pack healthy, nutritious snacks and set an alarm on your cell phone or computer to remind you to take a break and eat. Having small, balanced meals throughout the day will avoid rabid hunger and you won’t be reaching into that candy dish all the time.

2)      Stress Eating – There is no doubt that many of us turn to food when the stress in our lives gets turned up. I’m a classic example… especially when it came to the stress of my last job. I would go to the store and load up on junk food, and when I look back it really didn’t make me feel better. BLAH is more like it!!! Rather than turning to those foods now, I like to get up and get moving… whether it be a workout or just go on a walk with my family or play in the backyard with my girls. Find an alternative to reaching for that food for comfort. Whatever you do, find OTHER ways to beat the stress!

3)      Unconscious Eating – This is sitting around eating and not even realizing that you are doing it. This is a sneaky one and a huge reason why I encourage people to journal their food using a site such as Many times when you think you’ve got your eating in order and perfect, you aren’t realizing you grabbed that piece of candy out of the candy basket. When you are forced to record your food somewhere, even if it’s on a piece of paper… that really brings into light what you are putting into your mouth.

4)      Double Portions – Do you own a food scale? If not go NOW and buy one! This is SUCH an important tool when it comes to losing weight. What we might see as “normal” portions in the USA are not actually “correct” portions. When you go out to a restaurant, the servings you receive are likely 2 to 3 servings. Having a food scale on hand to weigh out your food is a HUGE help, especially as you are learning what an actual serving really looks like. As you start to get a handle on these portion sizes, the less you’ll need your scale and my guess is you will also start seeing the weight come off.

I will admit, it’s VERY easy for me to enjoy too large of portions… especially of my favorite food. It’s always a struggle and I just have to remind myself to be aware of it and not forget it. So tell me, do you fall into any of these pitfalls?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Flat Belly Challenge!

We've all suffered from it in some way, ESPECIALLY if you've had babies.... the dreaded belly fat and bloat. As we've discussed before, you can't spot reduce but there are certain steps you can take that will help reduce belly fat and bloat. Here are some tips to think about if you have a goal to reduce belly fat and bloat:

1) Exercise - Get moving! While I said you can't spot reduce, exercise does play a role in reducing your body fat and it's an important component to lessening the jiggle around the middle. For many this is the easy part but if you don't have the next item in order.... unfortunately you aren't going to see the results you are hoping for.

2) Diet - In my experience, if you want to reduce body fat, your diet is approximately 80% of the equation, while exercise is 20%. Unfortunately, it really all does come down to eating right and keeping those calories as clean as you can. Shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store and choose fresh, whole foods. Foods to avoid... try to keep dairy intake to a minimum, drink almond or coconut milk instead. Also, stay away from high fat fast food, and most definitely avoid SUGAR.... throw it out! Walk over to the cupboard and clean it out.... all the processed foods, chips, and sodas... put them in the trash! These are not good for your body and NOT good for you belly fat. I will tell you right now, when I personally consume foods from these categories the first thing I see grow is my tummy. It's even worse now that I have kids... my tummy loves to pooch out.

To me DIET and EXERCISE are the TWO MOST IMPORTANT tools you must focus on in order to reduce belly fat (and any body fat)!

I'd like to challenge you to eating clean, healthy foods for 5 days... eliminate the processed foods and sodas and concentrate on the healthy, whole foods I mentioned above. Take a picture on Day 1 of your side view, then commit to eating clean for 5 days, eliminating all the foods mentioned above. Then on Day 5 take another picture of similar to Day 1 and compare. I'm betting you will be SHOCKED by the change you that can happen in just your mid-section in just five days.

Challenge accepted?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Exercising While Pregnant

There are so many myths and rumors out there about whether or not you should exercise while pregnant. Or how high your heart rate should get WHEN you exercise… don’t go above 140 beats per minute (bpm). Only do low impact exercise and so on. 

To start, I want to make it clear that I’m not telling you to go against what your doctor tells you and I recommend talking with your doctor about his / her recommendations but I have a feeling everyone will hear a different answer.

With my first pregnancy, I was determined to exercise the whole 9 months. I actually did quite a bit of research
to find out the “rules” on exercise during pregnancy and was excited to find out I could keep going! During my first pregnancy, I was full of energy (once I got out of those first three months) and kept up with my normal exercise routine. I had two different doctors during this pregnancy, the first one told me to absolutely NOT let my heart rate rise about the 140 bpm and to keep my exercise low impact. The second one said to keep doing what I was doing and the most important thing was to listen to my body. I went with the advice of my second doctor and I exercised up to the day I was admitted to the hospital. The only thing I did modify was keeping my workouts low impact because I just didn’t have the strength to pull my feet off the floor.

Now my second pregnancy was a whole other ball game! I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was almost 9 weeks along (LOOOONNNNNNGGG STORY). I had kept up with my normal routine but this pregnancy was different, I was much more tired dealing with a belly and an almost 2 year old. I found I didn’t have the energy I had with my first pregnancy. I did continue to exercise but modified to shorter workouts and much lower impact.
Moral of the story is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean you have to stop all activity! In fact, it’s better for you and baby to stay active. Just be sure to listen to what your body is telling you. If you don’t feel good about jumping, then don’t! Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

If you didn’t exercise prior to pregnancy, NOW is not the time to jump in and start an intense regimen. Start out slow, go for walks and just move your feet.

So tell me, did you exercise while you were pregnant? If so, what did you do? What were your doctor’s recommendations?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Travel and Exercise... No excuses!

Do you exercise while you travel?

We all travel for various reasons throughout the year, maybe it's for fun or maybe it's for work. You might think it's difficult or impossible to still get your exercise done while traveling but it's NOT! If you plan ahead accordingly, there is absolutely no reason you can't be active in some way while traveling. 

If you are staying in a hotel, check ahead of time to see if they have a gym you can use. Go walk on the treadmill or elliptical, just get yourself moving. Also, if you enjoy home workout dvd's take them with you, along with resistance bands. Most workouts can be modified to use resistance bands, which make them easy to travel with. You might also think about taking shorter workouts, ones that you can knock out quickly... next time I travel, I plan to take Focus T-25 because they are all 25 minute workouts. No excuses to not workout when they are only 25 minutes!!

Last week I spent 5-1/2 days in Tacoma, WA, sleeping in a dorm room on a college campus. Not my idea of luxury for that many days but I brought along my Insanity workouts and found a TV with a DVD player at the dorm. I also had a couple girlfriends there who were extra motivation to get up out of those uncomfortable dorm beds. They were there each morning and we got our workouts done together. 

Several years ago when I traveled to Hawaii with family, I brought along my Turbo Jam workouts. My mom and I did those every other day in our condo and on the off days, we went for long walk first thing in the morning. 

When you travel, it's easy to get off track with food but if you keep those workouts going you'll counteract some of those extra calories from splurging!