Saturday, December 31, 2011

Do You Own a Food Scale?

If you don't own a food scale, get one! This was a tip given to me when I was struggling to lose weight. I'd never thought of it being something I would need, but have found the scale is something I use on a daily basis. You hear people talking about how losing weight is all about portion control and making sure you aren't eating too much in a meal. Well, this is what has helped me get my portions under control and get an idea of what a proper serving sizes should look like.

I use my scale the most on Sunday evenings to prepare all my snacks for the week. This way there are NO EXCUSES for me not to eat my snacks and reach my goals. I take a half-hour fill baggies or dishes with my snack food for the week. It's perfectly portioned out and I have no excuse not to eat healthy while I'm at work, it's all there and ready for me! I also pull it out at random times to weigh out ingredients in my daily Shakeology or to figure out how many ounces of meat I'm eating at dinner.

You can find food scales pretty much anywhere these days. The one I own I purchased at Target back in 2004 or 2005. I'm sure they still sell them there with the kitchen gadgets. The one pictured above is available on

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