Friday, December 30, 2011

My Shakeology 30-Day Challenge

I finally took the plunge and decided to try Shakeology for 30 days. I've been back and forth wanting to try it, always having an excuse not to take the plunge. The one tidbit of information that put me over the edge and convinced me to give it was the fact that this covers all my fruits and veggies for a whole day. I am so NOT a veggie eater. I try, I really do but I just can't bring myself to do it. It's definitely the one area I consistently lack in and could use a boost. 

When I became a Team Beachbody coach, I figured it was time to take the plunge. I mean, really, if I'm going to be recommending a product to my friends and family I need to believe in it!! 
I'll admit, I was skeptical that I was going to actually have any noticeable results. I've done protein powder shakes before to get extra protein. However, Shakeology promises to be much more than just another protein shake. Here are the results Beachbody saw from their 90-day Shakeology research study group:

  • By the end of WEEK ONE
    •  Improved digestion and regularity
    • Reduced cravings
  • By the end of WEEK FOUR
    • Increased energy and stamina
    • Lost weight
    • Improved mental clarity
  • By the end of WEEK TWELVE
    • Lost 10 lbs and 2 inches off waist on average
    • Reduced risk for heart disease and other degenerative diseases
    • Lowered cholesterol on average by 30% and even up to 70%
    • Healthier skin, hair, and nails

As a bonus, Beachbody offers a 30-day money back guarantee... even if your bag is empty! I figure, what do I have to lose?
On December 15, 2011, I began my 30-day Shakeology challenge. I plan to continue with blog posts as I go on this journey and report back the results I see. 

Days 1 to 4

Wall of Shakeology Ingredients
I must admit that at this point, I didn't really notice any change at all. Of course, I didn't really expect to either. I alternated back and forth between Greenberry and Chocolate Shakeology. I definitely am having a hard time finding a good recipe for the Greenberry... the flavor leaves alot to be desired but I'm working on finding a recipe that makes it a little more appealing.

Days 5 to 6

I woke up with a little bit of a tummy ache. I made a few trips to the restroom and thought maybe I had a bug. Turns out, this is a normal reaction for days 5 to 7. I like to call this period, my Monday and Tuesday cleanse. Check out this video for an explanation:

Days 7 to 15
o more stomach upset, it just disappeared, and I can definitely say I'm much more regular. Ha! Kind of like clockwork each day. Can't say much for the cravings as I, for some reason, decided to take this challenge up in the middle of the holidays and eating has definitely NOT been on the mark. Hopefully for the second half of this challenge I will see those reduced cravings!
One thing I am definitely starting to notice is an improvement in my nails. I have always had flimsy nails that easily peel. Especially after removing my acrylic nails in 2010. I've noticed they just look better and aren't peeling or breaking as much as they used to. Hmmmm.... definitely something to watch!
Also, looking forward to Tropical Shakeology. It would be nice to add a new flavor to the rotation and doesn't it look tasty over there all pretty in pink? YUM!
Tomorrow I will post a couple recipes, one chocolate and one greenberry. Yes, I think I may have found a recipe that makes greenberry TASTY!!

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