Sunday, January 22, 2012

30 Day Shakeology Review

Finally, I've got a few minutes to give you my review of my own Shakeology 30-day Challenge!

I began this journey in late December, and first posted about it here. About a week ago, I officially hit the 30-day mark and must say, I am SO happy to have Shakeology in my daily diet. It really has delivered on it's promise, I've noticed an improvement in my complexion, more energy, continued regularity, and my nails look healthier than they ever have! I imagine this is thanks to all the vitamins I'm now getting, as I haven't been a good vitamin-taker over the past year.

As I said in the past, I had always wanted to try Shakeology but couldn't seem to find the money in my budget to purchase it ... or at least so I thought. Since trying it, I have definitely not had to buy what I used to for snacks. Being this replaces one meal a day, it's eliminated the need for purchasing the food I would normally purchase for my afternoon snack. Here's a quick recap of the first 15 days of Shakeology:

Days 1 to 4

I must admit that at this point, I didn't really notice any change at all. Of course, I didn't really expect to either. I alternated back and forth between Greenberry and Chocolate Shakeology. I definitely am having a hard time finding a good recipe for the Greenberry... the flavor leaves alot to be desired but I'm working on finding a recipe that makes it a little more appealing.

Days 5 to 6

I woke up with a little bit of a tummy ache. I made a few trips to the restroom and thought maybe I had a bug. Turns out, this is a normal reaction for days 5 to 7. I like to call this period, my Monday and Tuesday cleanse, haha! Check out this video for an explanation:

Days 7 to 15
No more stomach upset, it just disappeared, and I can definitely say I'm much more regular. Ha! Kind of like clockwork each day. Can't say much for the cravings as I, for some reason, decided to take this challenge up in the middle of the holidays and eating has definitely NOT been on the mark. Hopefully for the second half of this challenge I will see those reduced cravings!

One thing I am definitely starting to notice is an improvement in my nails. I have always had flimsy nails that easily peel. Especially after removing my acrylic nails in 2010 (had them for at least 10 years). I've noticed they just look better and aren't peeling or breaking as much as they used to. Hmmmm.... definitely something to watch!

Now on to the last half of my Shakeology Challenge:

Days 16 to 30
The last half of my challenge was similar to that of days 7 to 15. I continually saw an improvement in my skin and nails, as well as energy and cravings. Once the holidays were over, I was much more apt to stay on my healthy eating and having my Shakeology each day really helped satisfy those sweets cravings I get from time to time. Another effect I noticed was if I ate food high in fat, I paid for it because my body was not really happy to have to process it after I'd been feeding it all the good stuff. I've had to definitely watch myself when it comes to the bad stuff (i.e. pizza) and monitor how much I eat. I also have found that when I do eat things like pizza, I am not stuffing myself like I have in the past.

I'm hoping to do a Shake-n-Share party soon for my local friends, so they can try Shakeology and see why I love it so much.

If you are interested in purchasing a sample or 5 to 10 day supply, please contact me at


The Fit-Nut Mama said...

Great blog and Shakeology review! It is the Bomb-diggity isn't it? I love this stuff!

John said...

Wow, What a great experience you have!! I hope it will work for me too as I also want to loose my weight :)