Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Do I Workout at Home?

I've been meaning to write a blog on this subject for quite awhile, but never really made the time to sit down and write this until a couple weeks ago when I was bored at a training class. I decided to buckle down and do this the old fashioned way... with PEN AND PAPER! *GASP*

So, the big question... why do I workout at home.

Over the years I dabbled in home video workouts. One attempt that really stands out in my mind was during high school or college, attempting to do Gilad workouts with my mom. However, I had a hard time taking it seriously or pushing myself. Later my mom and I joined a local gym, where I thought results would just come to me. After working out in a gym pretty regularly for several years, I still saw the scale going up and not really knowing what to do with myself there... secretly spying and copying others using weights. At this point, I decided it was time for a change.

My friend Tracy kept telling me about these great workouts that were on TV in an infomercial. I was super skeptical and couldn't believe that anything on an infomercial could be taken seriously. After much poking and prodding from Tracy, and feeling pretty much stuck and at my highest weight ever... I caved and ordered the Firm's Body Sculpting System 2 with this contraption called a "Fanny Lifter."

My first FIRM workout was Total Body Sculpt and WOW... holy hell, I had no idea a home workout could be so challenging and enjoyable at the same time. By day #2, I made two important and life changing decisions in my fitness and health journey...

  1. If I am going to be working this damn hard working out, I am going to have to make better choices when it comes to food.
  2. I was cancelling my gym membership. 
I found that I was pushing myself so hard at home and getting so much more from my workouts without leaving the house, that I didn't really have a need for the membership anymore. The gym I belonged to didn't offer a variety of classes I was interested in and that would have probably been the only thing that kept me there, as I do love my live classes. Anyway, these workouts at home were something I looked forward to each day... it was exactly the motivation I needed.

Eventually, I dove right into the FIRM's online community and met many new fitness friends. They helped guide and support me along my first weight loss journey. I learned how to make better choices when it came to eating, how important protein is, etc. Eventually I lost about 40 lbs and was even lucky enough to be chosen to represent the FIRM in their infomercial which debuted in 2007. 

Since starting home workouts, I haven't turned back! I've now been through two pregnancies in the last 5 years and have lost all the baby weight. 

After my babies, I've pushed myself a little further and have done ChaLEAN Extreme, P90X, and most recently P90X2 and Turbo Fire. My small town even has Zumba classes now, so I try to make it a point to go at least once a week and see all my fitness buddies. Nothing like a little dance party for an hour with friends once a week!

Now, I'm not saying because home workouts are what has worked for ME means they are what will work for you. I'm a huge believer in finding your soulmate workout and for me, they happen to be centered around the above mentioned workouts. Some people love the gym or running outside, but that just isn't for me. I encourage you to look around and try new and different workouts. It's so important to find that connection to a workout that makes you want to keep coming back for more. I'm passionate about my workouts and look forward to doing them and I want you to find what you love too.

These days, there really is no way I'd be able to leave the house to go to the gym before work. My husband works early hours and our evenings are busy with our two little girls. I'm not sure what or when I would workout if it weren't for my home workouts!!

So tell me, have you found your soulmate workout? Post it below! I love to hear what others love to do for exercise! Do you have questions about my workouts? Ask away!


Miss Tashie said...

Love it! My soulmate workout, as you know has become running. I have a rock hard lower body from doing this and whoever said you can't spot reduce or improve...I don't know what they are talking about. I have begun to add to my soulmate workout by taking several different muscle building fat burning moves I have gleaned from the dvd's I have seen. It is working. Amen, to finding your soulmate fat burning magic. To each their own so long as they get off the couch and drop the bad eating habits and excuses. Yeah Team Alissa!

Miss Tashie said...

Oh, I left out the part about my running not being enough for the upper body to see results...that is why I have added my "moves". LOL!