Saturday, June 30, 2012

I must be crazy... Beachbody Ultimate Reset!

As is the same for most people, I started this year off really great! I met and surpassed my weight loss goal and even got into a size 3/4. Most of my success was due to support from my friends and challenge group participants, as well as my own dedication to doing P90X2 and drinking my Shakeology each day. I've done fairly well with keeping up with my results and have successfully stayed in the same size. However, I've not been doing as well as I could be with eating and working out. I've kept up with my Shakeology but I feel like I just need a little jump-start to get back on track 100%.

Enter the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and one of my good friends and motivators, Mandy. She really wants to do the reset. After a whole lot of thought and consideration, I decided as long as we had a small group of us doing this together... we could get through it. It's only 21 days, right? 21 days of no coffee.... pray for me.

I ordered my kit and have been reviewing the shopping list. Surprisingly, I have a good amount of the foods I'll need already on hand. However, there is also a good amount I don't have on hand. I needed to buy several of the condiments and oils, and as my start date gets closer I'll be purchasing the grains, herbs, fruits and veggies that I'll need for week one.

Here's a super quick glimpse at each week of the reset... WEEK 1 - Reclaim. This week you are reclaiming your health. I'll get to eat dairy and animal proteins... I'm not too worried about this week! WEEK 2 - Release. This will be the detox week. They promise me I won't be running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. I'll keep you updated on that. Ha! This week will also be moving into vegetarian only meals. WEEK 3 - Restore. The final week of the Ultimate Reset and eating will be vegan. I'm so NOT a veggie eater, we'll see if this gets me eating my veggies.

I'm not really looking to lose weight on this reset, although it'd be nice to at least lose the 3 lbs I've gained over the last 2 months. Secondly, what I'm really hoping to gain are new ideas for meals that I can feed not only to myself but to my family. Over the past several months I've had a real brain block on healthy meals to cook and I've just been lazy. Looking through the meal guides, there are many yummy recipes that I'm looking forward to trying and I think even my hubby will try some of them.

Finally, there is no strenuous exercise during the Ultimate Reset. Yikes! This is huge for me but I think I can do it. It will be a nice chance for me to really rest up and get excited again about starting a program. I plan to try and do stretching and yoga, but not much more than that.

I plan to keep you updated as I am on this journey, not sure if it will be daily or weekly. I need some help from all of you though about how you'd like to see updates from me. Do you want to see pictures of the meals? Do you want video reviews? Written reviews?

If you want to learn more about the Beachbohdy Ultimate Reset click the banner, comment below, or email me at or friend me on Facebook at

Stay tuned! I'm planning to start no later than July 9th... my start date may be July 5th though because I'm crazy like that. HA!

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