Friday, October 5, 2012

Clear Your Mind of Can't!

Today I was sitting here thinking, what drives me to share my story? Pay it forward? Then I remembered how I felt before I was a success story. 

I was tired, my clothes didn't fit right, extremely self conscious, crash dieting, diet pills, and lots of pizza and fast food. I had never dealt with a weight issue, it wasn't until college that all that crap food caught up with me. I remember thinking they must be making clothes smaller because there is just NO way a size 14 is tight on me. I was completely and utterly lost.

I enjoyed exercising but a leisurely walk on the treadmill wasn't really getting me the results I was looking for. It took me a while to find my "magic pill", which isn't really all that magic. However, once I figured out what exercises motivated me and HOW to eat healthy... I started to see my body, mind, and soul change. 

I've had so many people ask me how I did it. What pills did I take? What diet did I use? I'll tell you simply, it was nothing too special. I found my soul-mate workouts and taught myself how to eat healthy with the help of a support group of like-minded friends. It wasn't easy and it's still a struggle to this day but I want YOU to know that YOU can do what I've done. 

Then I remembered... THIS is why I share my story. THIS is why I chose to pay it forward. To share with others that you don't have to be miserable, overweight, self-conscious and crash dieting. You CAN have that body you've been always hoping for.

After losing 40 lbs and prior to having children, I was told to enjoy my body because I won't ever get it back after I have babies. This scared me. I worked so hard to lose that weight, I didn't want to be an overweight mom... I wanted to be the fun mom dressed in cute, trendy clothes. Crap, everyone is telling me in so many words that this won't be me. 

You know what I learned from that?


You CAN have your pre-baby body back. I'm proof x 2! Was it easy? Hell no! With my first baby I gained over 70 lbs and 40 lbs with my second baby.... I worked my ass off, but with the support of my healthy friends and just the ability to work out in my living room before my kids wake up... THAT is what made it possible.

I schedule that time each and every day... just one hour to focus on myself and getting my workout done. That's it. ONE HOUR! Some days LESS

Are you a new mom, feeling stuck and not getting anywhere? STOP! Don't give up and know you can do this. You don't have to be stuck wearing those "mom jeans"!

I'll end this here ... just know if you put in the work, you will see the results. I'm willing to help you every single step of the way. You just have to be ready to commit to becoming a BETTER VERSION OF YOU!

If you haven't already, look me up on Facebook and send me a friend request. I'd love to chat, get to know you, and learn what you struggle with. I bet we've got many of the same hurdles, especially if you are a mom or have struggled with your weight.
I look forward to hearing from you soon and don't give up on yourself... you CAN do this!

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