Friday, July 26, 2013

Flat Belly Challenge!

We've all suffered from it in some way, ESPECIALLY if you've had babies.... the dreaded belly fat and bloat. As we've discussed before, you can't spot reduce but there are certain steps you can take that will help reduce belly fat and bloat. Here are some tips to think about if you have a goal to reduce belly fat and bloat:

1) Exercise - Get moving! While I said you can't spot reduce, exercise does play a role in reducing your body fat and it's an important component to lessening the jiggle around the middle. For many this is the easy part but if you don't have the next item in order.... unfortunately you aren't going to see the results you are hoping for.

2) Diet - In my experience, if you want to reduce body fat, your diet is approximately 80% of the equation, while exercise is 20%. Unfortunately, it really all does come down to eating right and keeping those calories as clean as you can. Shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store and choose fresh, whole foods. Foods to avoid... try to keep dairy intake to a minimum, drink almond or coconut milk instead. Also, stay away from high fat fast food, and most definitely avoid SUGAR.... throw it out! Walk over to the cupboard and clean it out.... all the processed foods, chips, and sodas... put them in the trash! These are not good for your body and NOT good for you belly fat. I will tell you right now, when I personally consume foods from these categories the first thing I see grow is my tummy. It's even worse now that I have kids... my tummy loves to pooch out.

To me DIET and EXERCISE are the TWO MOST IMPORTANT tools you must focus on in order to reduce belly fat (and any body fat)!

I'd like to challenge you to eating clean, healthy foods for 5 days... eliminate the processed foods and sodas and concentrate on the healthy, whole foods I mentioned above. Take a picture on Day 1 of your side view, then commit to eating clean for 5 days, eliminating all the foods mentioned above. Then on Day 5 take another picture of similar to Day 1 and compare. I'm betting you will be SHOCKED by the change you that can happen in just your mid-section in just five days.

Challenge accepted?


Anonymous said...

Does this really work? Wanting to try.

Alissa Angelo said...

Sure does, I've done the 5 day slim down many times myself. It's about clean eating and exercise. ~Alissa

Anonymous said...

So, I don't like vegetables. What do I do? Unfortunately my taste buds gravitate toward the starchy ones. I eat salads, but i can't do green beans and broccoli and stuff. I know it isn't THE BEST option, but are t here any juice blends or anything that I can buy to supplement?