Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Your Magic Pill Has Arrived --> The 21 Day Fix!

A revolutionary program arrived this February… did you hear about it? I often wonder how Beachbody can continually out-do themselves with new programs time and time again. Well, here we are again… they’ve done it… the 21 Day Fix is HUGE!

The 21 Day Fix was released on February 3rd and broke too many records to name. And let me tell you why… it’s because the nutrition piece has NEVER been easier than with this program. It's a 21 day program that features 30 minute workouts and focuses heavily on nutrition. It's ALL about portion control and you will learn what foods to eat and the plan is super easy to follow. There is NO calorie counting, points, weighing, etc. The set comes with cool little containers that help you understand the correct portions.


Contact me at or message me on Facebook at for details on this program and a chance to get exclusive support from others doing the program.

What does the Nutrition Guide look like?

Taco Tuesday Dinner
This is the EASIEST nutrition plan you will ever see. Absolutely NO foods are off limits because it’s all about having things in MODERATION! You aren't going to be forced to eat foods you don’t like and within reason, you can eat anything. It also allows for Shakeology!

Included in the 21 Day Fix kit are portioned food containers that were created to hold the perfect portions. There is no calorie or points counting or weighing your foods. Everything is planned out using the containers and they are easy to carry with you. You can also pop them in the dishwasher and they are microwave safe.

You can’t fail with the ease of this nutrition program. If you commit fully to the program and take the time to plan ahead with your meals, you WILL see the results you are looking for.

What about cheat meals?

Yes, you can have cheat meals… but don’t overeat! The plan even helps you figure out how you can include pizza in your diet.

What are the workouts like?

The kit comes with 7 workouts (plus a bonus workout if you order through me) and they are all 30 minutes in length. Trainer Autumn Calabrese gets you up and working hard in each of the workouts. You will do cardio, upper and lower body with weights, a mix of cardio-weight training, yoga, and pilates. Also, each workout incorporates a little ab work into the mix. There is a modifier present in every workout too, demonstrating modifications for every move.

Who is the 21 Day Fix for?

Everyone! That is the beauty of this program… whether you are a beginner or advanced, it will work for you.
How much will the 21 Day Fix Cost?

The 21 Day Fix will retail at $58.85 for the base kit, and the Challenge Pack’s regular price is $160. Pretty SWEET deal! That’s like paying $20 for the 21 Day Fix when you buy Shakeology!

Can I become a Coach when I order the Fix?

Absolutely! It’s actually the best time to do it because when you order a challenge pack all your coach initiation fees are waived. Also, it’s a great opportunity to get your friends involved! They can order from you and it will help cover the costs of your OWN kit and you’ll get 25% off future orders you place. If you are interested, email me at so we can discuss training and support that is offered for our team.

Contact me today to reserve your copy of the 21 Day Fix and get that “Magic Pill” you have been searching for!

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