Sunday, July 20, 2014

Refresh Yourself: 3 Day Refresh Review

Hot off the heels of my trip to Vegas for Beachbody's Summit and a "Mommy & Daddy" only trip to Disneyland, I decided to try out the new 3 Day Refresh. I must admit, when I first saw this announced at Summit, I was like... "eh.... a cleanse." I'm definitely not a cleanse person and truthfully, really struggled through the 21 Day Ultimate Reset a couple years ago.

After all the over-indulging I did on vacation (mostly in Disneyland... think ice cream sundaes and corn dogs), and with a little encouragement from my husband, I decided to give it a shot. We arrived home on a Wednesday, so I started first thing Thursday morning. 

The Refresh comes with a new protein rich shake called Vanilla Fresh and another supplement called Fiber Sweep. It also incorporates Shakeology as one of your daily meals. Thank goodness Beachbody includes a guide that lays out ALL three days for you very specifically. I need something like that, and something that doesn't involve hours of meal prepping. Timing and everything is laid out and explained. 

I'll admit, I found the first day a bit difficult... I detoxed from caffeine, so there was a headache involved. I was a little nervous the Fiber Sweep would have me running to the bathroom. Thankfully, it didn't at all!!! I took advantage of the green tea option and really enjoyed the Vanilla Fresh blended with frozen raspberries from my garden. 

Days 2 & 3 actually flew by, and I quickly fell into a routine and felt SO much better!

The Refresh is Dairy, Grain, and Meat Free for the 3 days. You can definitely incorporate all of these back in after you finish. The only thing I personally didn't bring back into my diet was Dairy. 

Okay, so maybe you are wondering about my results? Well here they 3 days, I lost a whopping....

---> 7.6 lbs <--- font="">

I actually weigh less than I did before vacation! I'm still in shock by what the scale said. 2 lbs lower than before vacation. Awesome!

The best part for me was that the Refresh is only 3 days and so simple, and very little prepping and cooking. As a bonus, I wasn't hungry at all. No starvation and totally doable over 3 days. 

The 3 Day Refresh and a 30 day supply of Shakeology is ON SALE for $140. That's like getting the Refresh for $10! As a bonus, I'm offering the first 20 people who contact me and commit to this package, a $10 rebate!

I've got an ongoing 3 Day Refresh support group going. If you think you are ready to REFRESH yourself and commit, let me know in the comments below or email me at or contact me via facebook at

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