Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Extreme Fix Journey

Alright, seriously... I have cooked dinner 11 days in a row now. Things are getting crazy around here... my husband hasn't cooked in 11 days. And I don't think he's even having withdrawls?! Hahahaha!

On February 9th, I went Extreme... I started my 21 Day Fix Extreme journey. I made a choice that day that I was SOOOOOO tired of the rollercoaster I've been on the last year. I've been losing and gaining the same 5 lbs over and over, and about 10 lbs from my goal / happy weight. None of my clothes were fitting me right and the big BIG motivation.... Cancun. I am less than 60 days from traveling to Cancun for an all expense paid trip with not only my OWN family, but with my Beachbody family.

I decided if I was going to go Extreme, I was going ALL IN! When my kit arrived, I sat down and dove into the nutrition plan. I decided if I was going to truly stick to this I needed a PLAN. It was time to go back to my "roots" I guess you could say... back to where I found success when I first started my weight loss journey over 10 years ago. I made a menu that listed each and every single meal I would be eating from breakfast to dinner for the next 21 days. BOOM! This is what I needed... it's printed and hanging on my fridge. I'm not left to my own excuses of not knowing what to cook or not feeling like cooking and turning to take-out instead. Nope, there's a plan and I'm sticking to it.

I'll admit, I was worried about the weekends and ZERO cheat meals. However, having that plan in place took the questions and worries away... I've been able to stick to my plan and make healthy choices.

With this first round, I'm following the "Countdown to Competition" Plan of the Fix Extreme which is a bit more intense in that it incorporates carb cycling to get those awesome results you want before you go into a bikini competition. Once I finish this first 21 days, I'll be transitioning over to the regular Fix Extreme plan which still doesn't allow for treats but does allow you to have those healthy carbs daily. Then, 3 weeks out from my Cancun trip I'll be back to the Countdown plan. Hey, I've got a bikini body to shape.... ain't no messing around here baby!

The Fix Extreme workouts definitely take things to the next level. In my view, the original Fix workouts are beginner / intermediate. Definitely not easy, but good for those just getting into exercise. Well, the Extreme workouts really take things up a notch and you push yourself to get the results you are looking for.

I can't tell you how good it feels to finally be seeing changes in my body that I've been so desperately wanting. I'm starting to actually SEE my abs and fat is finally melting away after so much stress and not being on track with my nutrition.

During my first 7 days of the Fix Extreme, I am very proud to say I lost 2.5 lbs. Now to continue to maintain that beyond day 7 feels like an even bigger accomplishment. I'm going to continue to document my progress over the next 11 days and will share it here.
This just goes to show you that if you put your mind to something, dig deep, and really take it seriously... you CAN make a change. Don't doubt yourself... you are so capable and SO worth it!

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