Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cancun Countdown - Round 3, Day 1 - 21 Day Fix Extreme

Dinner is SERVED! One of my favorites.... crockpot roast with green beans and squash. DELICIOUS! I'm in my final countdown to Cancun and my new bikini is ready and waiting!

For my Fixers out there... 1 red and 1 green. Nom nom nom!!! Simple eating. Seriously, so easy!

Here's how I make it...

It's a Beef Bottom Round Roast in the crockpot ALL DAY LONG. :) I am working on making my own mix but it uses 1 cup of water with 1 packet of ranch, 1 packet of low sodium brown gravy, and 1 packet of Italian dressing.

Not exactly low sodium but portioned out, it's fine. We have it often!

I pinned a bunch of recipes to make my own mixes of the packets above, just haven't had time to carry them out.

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