Thursday, June 25, 2015

HELP WANTED -- Team Elite Fitness

  • Do you love fitness or do you want to become fitter?
  • Do you want to be your own boss?
  • How about being the CEO of your OWN home fitness business?
I am looking for 10 NEW coaches to mentor in July. You will join our exclusive New Coach Training where you will get all the tools you need to achieve true success in your business. At no point will you be left guessing or feel like you are on your own!

→One on one mentoring from me
→Team calls and trainings
→Easily duplicable systems, scripts, social media tips, and more at your fingertips

I am looking for women who are…

1. Motivated to succeed
2. Open to helping others change their lives
3. Who desire something more than just the regular 40 hour grind behind a desk
4. Have a desire to earn extra income for their family

You do NOT need to be…

→A fitness expert or personal trainer
→Super fit or a size 0 or have a 6 pack

You just need to like fitness or want to get back into shape!

I’ve been there… 50 lbs heavier, tired, unmotivated, hated even the thought of going shopping because the clothes never fit. On top of that, I was unhappy in my job and sure that there was something more for me out there beyond working behind a desk for someone else. I knew I needed a change and set out to find something I love and had a passion for. Enter Beachbody in late 2011… I took a chance and figured I’d give it 1 year to see where it took me and my family. 3 years later I’ve tripled my first year income and am able to travel more than ever AND take my family right along with me. This is, hands down, one of the BEST things I’ve ever done for my family and it’s all because I’m helping people change their own lives and see that they are WORTH the fight!

** This is not for current Beachbody Coaches. **

To apply just comment below with your contact information or email me at

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