Friday, October 28, 2016

Week 3 of my Auto-Immune Protocol

Just went 100% BEAST MODE on my workout this morning! 💪😉

I feel good. I have energy. I am seeing results! This is my second full round of Hammer and Chisel this year. The first go around, my body was not cooperating and my weight wouldn't budge. Fast forward to September, my husband and I decided to take control 100%, we did the Ultimate Reset and immediately after I began working with a nutritionist who is helping me get my inflammation down and back to being and feeling like ME!

I am just wrapping up week 3 of my autoimmune protocol and I am already down 3.6 lbs and symptoms are starting to disappear. And I am not having to beg my doctor to help me or rely on extra prescriptions to try to "even my hormones out." I am doing that with FOOD! 🤓

Never settle.... you don't have to feel shifty and hate the way you look. Never give up!

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