Thursday, March 9, 2017

Emotional Eater? Binge Eating?

My teammate Heather and I have an amazing opportunity for you… we’ve been invited to take part in a very special group our team is hosting along with Amy English, Certified BARE Coach.

First, let us tell you a little about our special guest co-host is Amy English, Certified Life Coach through Susan Hyatt, creator of the BARE method. The BARE method is a total lifestyle change built on the foundation of self-love and a progression of steps that show you how to move through your day, and feel your feelings, without “needing” the numbing, protective shield that overeating can provide.

Interested? Please keep reading all the way through…

We'll we work together on things like:
😢Emotional eating
🍭Sugar Addiction
🍷Alcohol Cravings
☕️Caffeine Withdrawal

Our daily goals include:
🏃♀️A 20-30 minute workout to get our bodies moving!
🌱A supplemental nutrition shake to get our nutrition on track! (A big part of feeling good!)

Here is where the 🎩 MAGIC 🎩 happens! We’ll…
💡Check-in to our caring community of ladies daily,
💡Support each other whole-heartedly, and
💡Gently keep each other on track.

📞A complimentary 60-minute life coaching session with Amy English, Certified Life Coach through Susan Hyatt, creator of the BARE method. This is an opportunity to chat about any aspect of your weight loss journey. Maybe you’re struggling with something, feeling stuck, or just want to re-evaluate your fitness goals. It’s your call.

💲Your Investment💲
That's the best part! Since we meet virtually, the only "supplies" required for this group are (1) a workout program and (2) a nutritional shake. Because most women I know are all about convenience, and because I've found this to be the best solution, I recommend a home workout program & nutrition shake bundle from Team Beachbody.

Depending on the workout/shake bundle you choose, the price will be between $140-199. Right now, I'm actually offering this group as a complimentary bonus for those who invest in this workout/shake bundle package and you'll have the workout program in your library for life, so it's MUCH cheaper than a gym membership!

So, tell me...Do you believe you deserve to invest in your health? If not this, what investments will you make in your self-care and wellness? Either way, you deserve to live your best life right now!

You can learn more about Amy and the BARE method here -

If you'd like to join the private group please do the following:

STEP 1 - Commit to fully reading and understanding ALL the details above.

If you feel the group will be helpful to you and you're ready to make an investment in your wellbeing, move on to Step 2)

STEP 2 - Make sure we are friends on Facebook (so I can add you to the private group):
Alissa ➡
Heather ➡

Once you’ve got that done, let’s talk about Step 3!

STEP 3 - Request to join the private group. Once we see your request to join; one of us will message you to discuss which option would be right for YOU to participate in the group.

Link to request to joining private group-->

If I am NOT the person that reaches out to you when you request to join the group, please let the coach who does know that you are working with me.

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