Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Looks Who's Kicking PCOS in the Bootay!

Today is an extra special Transformation Tuesday because I get to share the story of my friend, Lisa Brininstool. She's a coach on my team and is making amazing changes not only on the outside but also on the inside.

Lisa has battled her weight since she was a teenager. She's tried pretty much every diet known to man and nothing seemed to work for her. Finally, in her mid-30s, she got answers.

She was diagnosed with the chronic condition PCOS. She has an imbalance of hormones, insulin resistance, sleep apnea, hair loss, hirsutism, high cholesterol, depression, and mood swings, just to name a few. Many women actually suffer from PCOS and don't know it, they suffer in silence.

PCOS makes it very difficult to lose weight. 1-1/2 years ago, Lisa's self-esteem hit an all time low and her weight hit an all time high. She faced a lot of negativity but chose to not wallow in self-pity and stay in that moment, instead she decided to make a change. She chose to fight!

These are Lisa's results from July 2016 through March 2017. She's lost 5.5 lbs working out 3 to 4 days a week, eating reasonably healthy and drinking Shakeology every single day.

Here's what Lisa has to say, "I'm down 14lbs since the all time high and I consider that a win and I'm not giving up! We have an obesity epidemic in this country. Type 2 diabetes is preventable. One way I stay on track is Beachbody workout programs. I've been a coach for over a year, but I have used these programs since 2006. The support and accountability you get from the community and your coach is unmatched."

I'm not sure words can fully express how proud I am of Lisa. She's overcome so much and does her best to remain positive. I mean, look at this transformation... amazing!

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