Friday, May 12, 2017

Eat Well * Move More

I think many times we spend so much time focusing on diets or the latest pill or drink that promises to fix our problems, and just trying to figure out all the intricacies of making sure we get this new diet exactly right... it's overwhelming! I mean, no wonder people give up because it's freaking HARD and usually pretty unrealistic.

I've got an idea... maybe it sounds crazy, but how about we all just take a step back and focus on cutting the crap and getting off our ass?

No specific diet to follow. No foods that are off limits. Rather, just use your common sense and choose foods that make you feel good. You design your OWN diet. See, I told you it sounds crazy.

Rather than stressing over calories or trying to navigate your way through a fancy new diet, I want you to sit back and take a look at the foods you are buying on a weekly (or daily) basis. Where are they coming from? Drive Through? A box? Frozen section? Look at the ingredients on the packaging. Do you know what they all are? Can you pronounce them? Chances are the answer is no.

We are constantly putting food in our body which our body wasn't necessarily designed to handle. In turn, that leads us to not feeling our best and can really do a number on our chemistry... specifically in our gut. I could get really TMI here, but I’ll save that for another time. ;)

I challenge you to spend a week focused on eating REAL food, rather than food from a box. That first week is going to be rough because you will start detoxing. However, by the end of that week I bet you are feeling better and probably looking better too. When you are feeling better and have more energy, you are more likely to take that extra step and get moving and active too. I’m telling you, this is EYE opening!

Need extra support? I've got a free Eat Well - Move More group beginning next Monday. We'll be focused on cleaning up our diet and getting off our ass. No crazy diet to follow, just increasing the healthy foods in our lives and getting active.

Want to join us? Request to join the group here --> Eat Well * Move More Free Challenge

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